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About Courer ("Kou-ray" )

Courer provides HR professionals with a one-stop data source that captures timely market information, relevant global insights and the latest industry trends and resources, allowing HR professionals to spend more time on projects and less time probing the internet for answers.


Technology has changed how HR professionals gather market intelligence online. Courer simplifies it.

Content You Can Expect To Find on Courer 

‌Courer provides the most relevant and up-to-date information that HR professionals need on a wide range of topicsglobally

  • Trending HR News - US and Global

    • Learn more on the latest and trending topics in HR compiled and curated from authoritative sites such as The Economic Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, CNBC, Business Insider, or Market Insider to name a few.

  • ‌Insights

    • Gain strategic insights and in-depth information on the most important subjects impacting the HR industry today, whether it's economic indicators, compensation, benefits, mobility, talent management, or specific insights from around the world.

  • Events

    • Whether it's workforce mobility, workspace conferences, general HR, or human capital, Courer keeps HR professionals informed on the latest events and happenings in the HR sphere. Never miss a key event again.

  • Careers

    • Find out who’s hiring and learn of the latest openings in HR, technology, marketing, and finance curated from Linkedin, Monster, Indeed

  • Resources

    • ‌Easily connect to the best resources available online for HR consulting, relocation or immigration expertise, accounting and tax administration, training and development, HR systems and technology, or membership resources.


Emphasis on Trends and Insights

Courer is designed to be a one-stop destination for trends and insights that are critical to both HR professionals and organizations, providing insights that can help them make strategic decisions that support long-term growth and sustainability. Three specific, global trends that will be highly influential over the next few years:

  • ‌The "New Normal."

    • The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way organizations think about workforce strategies. A recent survey by Prudential showed 42% — or roughly half — of employees would be willing to leave the workplace if the working arrangement didn’t offer an opportunity for remote work of some kind. This indicates that adopting a flexible work arrangement and some sort of hybrid model is absolutely critical for companies to consider

  • Leveraging Technology Further From an Overall HR Program Management Perspective

    • Whether it involves talent acquisition, employee onboarding, talent management, or compensation, leveraging technology from an overall HR program management will be beneficial in terms of analyzing and identifying key issues, like workforce gaps. Technology becomes more critical in organizations, helping HR functionsmore efficiently.

  • An Increased Focus on Diversity, Inclusion, and Pay Equity

    • The increased focus on diversity, inclusion, and pay equity isn't only from a business perspective but also from a social focus perspective, too. It's about having a "global talent pipeline" and making sure that organizationshave a global talent strategy to support the overall growth and expansion."


To learn more about Courer and check out the latest news, trends, and insights on HR topics like human capital, remote workers, and work-life balance, visit

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